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When it comes to choosing between changing the oil for individuals driving their personal SUVs and for fleet delivery vehicle managers you've got to take into account enough time, not just the total amount of money charged per vehicle. It could be enticing to alter the oil for V-8 SUV owners at $45.00 a pop, rather than handle the cutthroat competition of bidding on fleet oil change services, but you have to remember a very important factor; "The Money Is In the Time and Process, Not the Unit Charge Rate," so, let's talk gps vehicle tracking system.

You see, soon ago, I was reminded of the significance of production in the services business, when I was asked by a start-up entrepreneur of on-site auto maintenance. He asked point blank; "How many oil changes could be completed by a decent crew (I am assuming 2 visitors to a crew/truck) within an 8 hour day utilizing your trucks and methods?"

Okay, here is my experience; with full production - Six Sigma style - vehicles in a row (fleets) the clear answer is 100s with a team of three. Personal cars, various different, you need very competent auto mechanics with experience 5-6 each hour with 2 people maximum. Obviously, there's more to the story, actually his next question was even blunter and I must say right on target too; "Do the trucks you employ work with one vehicle at a time or multiple at the same time?"

When doing fleets you employ an assembly line methodology, so first, you begin the motors on five vehicles, however you pop the hoods on 15 in the row. After 8-minutes, you switch off the initial five, start the next five, drain the initial five drain plugs, you receive the idea. Or, you employ evacuation systems. It's a process, the amount of money is in the "time" not the job or cost per unit. Travel time is job time by the way, including chasing parts, filters - especially if you are paying automotive technicians to fetch oil filters, fuel filters, and such important tracking software.

Indeed, I've always instructed our crews on the necessity to honor the thought of JIT - just with time inventory, that is to express have the supplier, NAPA Auto Parts for instance, deliver the filters needed seriously to the job site, why pay to stock the filters, inventory them, transport them, when these auto part companies deliver and can do anything to earn your organization? If you are likely to run an auto business whether you are dealing with private owners of SUVs or those responsible for large fleets of vehicles, then you definitely need to operate it with production in mind. Please think over all this and think on it.

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